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I built this drone from buying parts, choosing flight controllers and brushless motors, etc. 

Jiunn-Kai (Bruce) Huang

Welcome to my personal website! 


I am a Ph.D. candidate in Robotics at the University of Michigan (UofM), Ann Arbor, expected to graduate in April 2022. I received a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University and an MS degree in Robotics at UofM in 2018. I work in the Biped Robotics Lab under the supervision of Professor Jessy W. Grizzle, who is the director of Robotics Institute. My research focuses on autonomy of bipedal robots, encompassing sensor fusion, pose estimation, and motion planning. I have been in charge of building a full stack of autonomy pipeline for the system integration of Cassie Blue, a bipedal robot with 20 degrees of freedom.

In particular, I seek to develop a full autonomy system that allows bipedal robots to

1) Acquire multi-modal data from a calibrated perception suite;

2) Estimate their poses in textureless environments;

3) Detect and avoid dynamic obstacles;

4) Traverse unexplored, unstructured environments and undulating terrains.

5) Perform point-to-point topometric navigation.

All the research conducted focuses on advancing the state-of-the-art algorithms that will achieve autonomy of bipedal robots — Cassie Blue and Digit.

Previously, I have done research and projects in a wide variety of areas such as deep learning for autonomous vehicles on perception, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) and motion planning for small autonomous vehicles,  3D reconstruction, etc. Specifically, I worked on pedestrian prediction along with action recognition, 3D skeleton pose estimation and gaze angles to assist autonomous vehicles under the supervision of Professor Matthew Johnson-Roberson in the DROP lab. Also, I worked on SLAM with Professor Edwin Olsen in the APRIL Robotics lab. In particular, I worked on an Apriltag follower to have the MAGIC robots which are wheeled robots to follow multi-agents by using mono-camera and robots are also able to be guided to turn or to go by voice commands along with silence detection. In the meantime, I also implemented visual odometry with RGBD camera to correct errors from encoders on wheeled robots and also compared to GPS as the ground truth.


I hope you’ll find this website useful. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

In my free time, I am a foodie and professional photographer. I do weddings, personal portraits, and landscapes. I also love traveling, hiking, snowboarding, and watching movies!

I also do video editing. In fact, I made most of the videos for our lab! Additionally, I designed our lab website, logo and wrote most of the blogs on the website! Check out the lab website and the following videos:

  1. Fully Autonomy on the Wave Field 2021

  2. Lab Reopening in the Time of Covid19: Cassie Resurgence

  3. Halloween Edition: Cassie Autonomy

  4. Cassie vs Spin: Extended Edition

  5. Cassie vs Spin: A True Story

  6. Cassie Blue maps out the Robotics Building!

  7. Bipedal Robot Cassie Blue's Clutzy Operators and a Segway: Bloopers

  8. Bipedal Robot Cassie Blue Walks Through Fire

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