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New work: "Efficient Anytime CLF Reactive Planning System for a Bipedal Robot on Undulating Terrain"

Abstract - We propose and experimentally demonstrate a reactive planning system for bipedal robots on unexplored, challenging terrains. The system consists of a low-frequency planning thread (5 Hz) to find an asymptotically optimal path and a high-frequency reactive thread (300 Hz) to accommodate robot deviation. The planning thread includes: a multi-layer local map to compute traversability for the robot on the terrain; an anytime omnidirectional Control Lyapunov Function (CLF) for use with a Rapidly Exploring Random Tree Star (RRT*) that generates a vector field for specifying motion between nodes; a sub-goal finder when the final goal is outside of the current map; and a finite-state machine to handle high-level mission decisions. The system also includes a reactive thread to obviate the non-smooth motions that arise with traditional RRT* algorithms when performing path following. The reactive thread copes with robot deviation while eliminating non-smooth motions via a vector field (defined by a closed-loop feedback policy) that provides real-time control commands to the robot's gait controller as a function of instantaneous robot pose.


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