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Lab Reopening in the Time of Covid19: Cassie Resurgence

Our lab closed on March 20, 2020 under the State of Michigan's “Stay Home, Stay Safe" order. Thousands of labs across the University of Michigan campus closed over a 72 hour period. It was stressful, and as you can imagine, there was a bit of miscommunication. For a 24 hour period, it seemed that our labs would be "sanitized" during our absence. Since we had no idea what that meant, we decided that Cassie Blue needed to "Stay Home, Stay Safe" as well. We loaded up a very expensive robot and took her off campus. On May 26, we were allowed to re-open our laboratory. After thoroughly cleaning the lab, disinfecting tools and surfaces, developing and getting approval for new safe operation procedures, we then re-organized our work areas to respect social distancing requirements and brought Cassie back to the laboratory!


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